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Healthdata was also available as a disc based offline database, also in the viewdata format.  It seems as if it was mostly a copy of the online content, so we present it here for your delight and access..

Do note that this information is at least 20 years old.  Please do not rely on anything in here as current medical advice; for that please visit the NHS website.

    Well women clinics                  
    Most health authorities operate well
 women clinics where women can go for   
 health checks and advice.              
    Some women have problems they would 
 prefer to discuss in a clinic rather   
 than go to their own doctor.           
    Ask your health education unit (in  
 the phone book under Health Authority) 
 for details of well women clinics in   
 your area.                             
    These clinics are usually staffed by
 women and do not require a doctor's    
 letter. Telephone first to check and   
 make an appointment.                   
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