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Healthdata was also available as a disc based offline database, also in the viewdata format.  It seems as if it was mostly a copy of the online content, so we present it here for your delight and access..

Do note that this information is at least 20 years old.  Please do not rely on anything in here as current medical advice; for that please visit the NHS website.

    Having a baby                       
   There is no need to have a baby until
 you are sure you are ready for one.    
   (key 1 for details of all the modern 
 methods of contraception)              
   If possible it is best to make a few 
 plans before becoming pregnant.        
 A. Rubella                             
    Make sure you are immune to German  
 Measles (Rubella). A simple blood test 
 can check this. Your doctor, family    
 planning or well women clinic will be  
 able to arrange it. If you do need a   
 vaccination, one injection is all that 
 is necessary, but you should then wait 
 three months before trying for a baby. 
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