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Just a few basics to make things clear for all visitors.


Access to this website is granted to all visitors on an as-available basis.  Website availability is not guaranteed.  Whilst every effort is made to verify the accuracy of material, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions.  You should verify for yourself anything you wish to rely on.

Any and all references to this website, it's contributors or operator by the media must be approved in advance.

Due to the historical nature of the information being published here, there will often be contact or other information included which is out of date or otherwise inaccurate.  Please do not rely on any details included within the pages and documentation shown here.


You are free to link to this site, indeed, it is encouraged, but please try to link to http://www.viewdata.org.uk/ itself rather than the content pages directly, as occasionally these can move about.

Please do not link directly to images or documents on this site, or include them in other websites or forum postings for example, without specifically including a link to the site or individual web page that it comes from.  This can be a link made by clicking on the image itself.  This is so that viewers may see the context the image came from.  Feel free, however, to use the social-network "share" links found on most pages.

Occasionally links to test or trial areas of the site may be given out in the forum or by private email.  Please do not distribute these as such material is likely to be moved or withdrawn without notice.


All original text, images and scans of documents are copyright 2009-2011 Robert O'Donnell or other contributors as will be acknowledged at the time.  The programs used to generate the screen images and interpret and utilise any meta-data within them are also copyright 2010-2011 Robert O'Donnell.  These may however be found at Google Code if you are interested.

You may not reproduce or copy anything from this website without specific written authority, except as is required by normal web browsing technology.  Media enquiries are welcome - please see the Contact page.

Copyright in the source of scanned material generally rests with the original author or publisher and where possible, any included copyright notices are retained.  

Copyright with the text of archived pages rests with the original author or publisher.  I feel that reproducing them here is fair and appropriate as this website is intended as a historical record and resource.  The visual representation of the pages is however copyright Robert O'Donnell.

Much material relating to Prestel originates from BT.  Prior to privatisation in 1984, this was a state-owned corporation, and thus any documentation from this period count as public records. As their interest in Prestel was sold in 1994, the copyright status of any documents originating from after 1984 is unclear, as the eventual owners, Financial Express, have no records remaining.  I have asked BT for their comments, but as yet received no response.  Micronet, aka Telemap Group Ltd, was bought out by BT and so I presume any residual copyright in any of their material is the same.

Many screenshots contain contributions from service subscribers.  Whilst they retain copyright in their submitted material, they will have been assumed to grant a non-exclusive licence for publication of that material at the time.  I believe that reproducing it here is therefore fair and appropriate.

This is my interpretation of the law and I am happy to be corrected.   If you believe you are the copyright owner of any material I have published here, and do not wish it to be distributed, then I am happy to remove it on receipt of any request that includes sufficient documentation to give me no doubt as to the status and identity of the requester.

If you are an individual and believe that any current personal information has been included, I am happy to remove this on request.


Session cookies are used by this website purely for service operability reasons and contain no personal data.  The forum uses session cookies as a matter of necessity in order to keep you logged into your account.  
We do not have any advertising on this site, so no other third party cookies should be stored as a result of your visit.  

As with anything on the site, if you have any issues, concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to Contact me first so things can be dealt with quickly and amicably.