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Datasolve is a prominent supplier of Videotex services. It has developed a sophisticated Videotex system called THEMIS which runs on Honeywell computers from the low priced range of mini-computers to the powerful medium and large mainframe computers. To the personal computer user, Datasolve offers the THEMIS PC range of software packages which provide videotex capabilities for a number of IBM compatible personal computers.

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According to Companies house records, Datasolve Limited was wound up in August 1999. I do not currently have any further information as to what happened to their product range.



12 Jan 2011, 07:54
THEMIS is just one aspect of the Datasolve work in Videotex, the other based out of Sunbury-On-Thames was the Prestel IP Services.

Your IP List shows the public nodes we ran, this is where we provided space for sub-IPs. The business ranged from renting sub-IP space to the likes of Alitalia to provide their own service, through to bespoke services for companies. The one I particularly remember was for ITV's Wish You Where Here, as one Christmas day it was my job to bulk upload their pages for the Christmas edition from home.

The IP pages where what people saw, but the big money spinner was the mainframe based gateway services we offered mainly to insurance companies, although we did do some for travel companies through Prestel and Istel.

Many insurance companies used us to provide online quotations to brokers/building societies in the days when everyone was getting an endowment backed mortgage.

Datasolve eventually became Data Sciences, after a management buyout, THEMIS and the general IP service where discontinued as they barely broke even and were not seen as strategic. Eventually the gateway services arm closed down as the insurance companies developed their own interfaces.

Videotex was a small part of Data Sciences portfolio and ultimately it was purchased by IBM for its software development and IT Services outsourcing businesses.

Many thanks for the site brings back a lot of memories of what was an exciting time to be in the IT business.
13 Jan 2011, 09:08
Many thanks for the update Mark :-)
Sara Scott-Rivers
08 Jul 2011, 07:55
wow this brought back memories for me too, I worked at Datasolve in 85-86 as graphic designer (yeah I know that's almost an oxymoron)... then I went on to work for a Prestel IP, and ended up at Teletext after they took over from Oracle. So I spent a lot of my late teens and 20s making up little pictures out of squares! And now videotex style graphics are retro and trendy. Hi to Mark if you remember me ! Sara
11 Jul 2011, 08:39

Hi to you!

You were not the kind of person you forget easily as you were the only really artie person in a techie company, I think anyone who worked for Datasolve at that time will remember you, not least for the fact you wore Sunglasses on all occasions.

ben tagg
04 Aug 2011, 08:38
Hey you two!!!

Hope life treating you both OK.

Datasolve seems like another lifetime, but we defo had some good times

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