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Healthdata was also available as a disc based offline database, also in the viewdata format.  It seems as if it was mostly a copy of the online content, so we present it here for your delight and access..

Do note that this information is at least 20 years old.  Please do not rely on anything in here as current medical advice; for that please visit the NHS website.

   Period Pains                         
   Period pains, (dysmenorrhea) do not  
 affect all women, but can be quite a   
 problem for some.                      
   The cramping pains occur when the    
 uterus contracts. The uterus is made of
 muscle and the muscular contractions   
 are the cause of the pain.             
   The worst pain is during the first   
 few days of a period, when the blood   
 loss is heaviest. Some women seem to   
 experience a lot of discomfort at this 
   The amount of pain may vary from one 
 period to another.                     
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